Best Weight Training for MMA


When it comes to MMA of any kind of martial arts, people usually imagine someone who is lean, toned, and has a very good body shape. This eliminates people who are out of shape or bulky. They also assume that since MMA burns a lot of calories and most people claim that they have lost a lot of weight, it is all about staying lean. On the contrary, when people think about weight training, they think about muscle gain, which is contrary to the common interpretation of an MMA artist. However, most people do not think about weight training along with strength and endurance in the same sentence.

Surviving inside the ring is a very tough job, you are going through stress, different emotions, and extreme physical pain. As an MMA athlete, you need to have a stronger body and a positive mindset. Apart from this, you need to train your feet to stay light so you can easily move around in the ring. With the combination of speed, technique, strength, and precision you will be able to win any game. To stay in the ring your strength plays a very important role.

With the help of this article, we will highlight the importance of weight-based training for MMA fighters and how MMA fighters can train with weight.

Why Do You Need Weight-Based Training and How to Do It?

According to professional MMA fighters, full-body workout training along with weight lifting offers a great physique for MMA. However, weight-based training is very technical so you need to make sure you start with a simple warm session first. Apart from this, you need to set the frequency to stay hydrated and ensure that you do not overwork your body at any point. Give your body enough time to heal so that you can avoid work injury. UMF Academy MMA Townsville also explain that weight-based training needs to be adjusted according to age, gender, body condition, fitness, and capability of an individual. All these things will also impact recovery time which is another very important thing.

After you are done with the warm-out session you can start with the weight training. For the weight-based training, you can either choose an external weight where you will be lifting dumbbells or you can choose clandestine exercises where you will be lifting your body weight. It all comes down to the type of exercises you choose. For this, you can start with 2-3 sessions every week so that your body has 3 days for recovery. Your main goal will be to improve your strength and endurance. This workout will take just 15 minutes and the best thing is that it will be an aerobic workout which will be great for weight loss and cardio. You will start with incline dumbbells and press the move to hang clean pull-ups. Eventually, you should switch to barbell back squats and finish off the exercises with bicycle crunches. For the cool-down period, you can also jog for around 5 minutes. This workout is very functional because it will help you work on your whole body.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, a beginner usually gets confused if they need to choose weight-based training. According to professional fighters, weight-based training is very important for athletes because it helps them gain strength and endurance. In short, just like any other exercise, your aim will help you design your workout plan. For more muscle gain you need to focus on more weight but for more strength, your focus needs to be on increasing the frequency. Overall, simple details in your workout will help you go a long way. Technically without the help of an instructor, you might end up hurting yourself so it is important to take help from a professional.



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