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Top 7 Diverse Cities in the Pacific Northwest

If you are planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest, or are planning to move to the area in the near future, and you really want to experience diversity, there are so many cities to choose from. Diversity can mean many things, and these cities can encompass many of those definitions.

When you think of diversity, you might think of racial diversity, or ethnic diversity. You may think of socioeconomic diversity, or social diversity. However you think of diversity, there is no shortage in the Pacific Northwest, and here are 7 diverse cities you should consider visiting or moving to:

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is the largest city in Washington state, as well as the Pacific Northwest. While the population of Seattle is mostly white, it is becoming more diverse, so this city should definitely be on your radar for diversifying cities. Seattle has large Vietnamese, Somali, and Cambodian populations.

Kent, Washington

Kent is generally known as one of the most diverse cities in Washington state and the United States. It is part of the Seattle metro area. One factor that can also be considered in diversity is language spoken at home, and a significant portion of the population of Kent speak a primary language other than English at home.

Renton, Washington

Renton is considered a suburb of Seattle. It is located on the shores of Lake Washington and is considered a transportation hub in the area. Renton is another of the top diverse cities in Washington state.

Federal Way, Washington

Federal Way is located in King County and has a growing population. A significant portion of the population of Federal Way identifies as Asian, African American, or Hispanic. Another diverse factor that Federal Way has is in the area of age, with a significant distribution of the population among various age groups, whereas other cities have a predominantly younger population or an elderly population.

Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue is another city in the Seattle metro area in King County and is also considered a suburb of Seattle. So the majority of diverse cities in Washington are centered around Seattle. About half of Bellevue’s residents identify as people of color, and about one third of people living in Bellevue were born outside the United States.

Hillsboro, Oregon

Moving onto Oregon state, Hillsboro is located on the western side of the Portland metro area. While the majority of Hillsboro is white, there is a significant Asian population, and a significant number of residents identify as more than one race.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is the biggest city in Oregon. The number of residents in Portland identifying as African American is three times the state average, making Portland one of the most diverse cities in the state. Portland also has a large Vietnamese population. If you like the idea of living in one of the most diverse cities in Oregon, there are many Portland houses for sale.

The Pacific Northwest is a unique region of the country with many cities with diverse populations. If you are planning a move or a visit to the area, these are certainly a great selection of cities to check out.


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