Value of Freight Visibility For Your Supply Chain


Freight visibility is no longer an option for your supply chain, it is a must. Freight visibility has become one of the most important components in the supply chain area since it can affect the quality of the outcomes.

Because of the high demands and expectations of their customers, shippers and businesses have prioritized on-time delivery.In this case, freight visibility becomes more critical in order to successfully deliver the order on time.

The freight industry has been developing the best methods to get real-time information flow on the location of the items. However, incomplete and late data is frequently a stumbling block that businesses must overcome.visibility shouldn’t be difficult as the best  logistics visibility platform from Agistix can make it simpler. However, there are still many vendors who are not ready to embrace the change and still focus on old-fashioned communication methods.

Nowadays, modern customers have high expectations of service delivery. They are demanding a complete view of the location and status of the cargo. This forces businesses to get more creative in gaining complete freight visibility. So, the next time the customer asks “where’s my cargo?”, the business can answer right away and share the status in real time.

Freight visibility is defined as

To understand the value of freight visibility, you will first need to know the meaning of it.

Freight visibility is the ability to track the cargo or items from the starting point to the destination of the shipment.

When a business has reached full freight visibility, all of the parties involved will easily see the information about the goods’ condition and location in real time. From time to time, all of the parties will know the exact status and location of the cargo.

As the business owner, you will have real-time updates so that you can give the best ETA for the delivery and maintain the workflows. For the customers, they will have peace of mind knowing that their orders are in good condition.

Visibility should be achieved right from the starting point or distribution node to the final destination.

When the product moves, the clients will expect to receive specific information about the movement and condition of the goods in real time.

As a business, having full freight visibility is one of the keys to long-lasting operations and profits. Therefore, you will only achieve it if you are working with the right provider.

There are many software companies that you can come across over the internet. But their services are not created equal. You will want to work with a provider who has years of experience and updated technology to cater to your needs. One of the best providers of freight visibility solutions is Agistix.

Agistix has a series of portfolios which you can see on their official page. They are also up for consultation if you need some considerations before making the decision to adopt the freight visibility solution into your system.

What makes freight visibility so crucial?

The ample freight tracking system can give benefits for both parties (business and clients). From the clients’ point of view, freight visibility allows them to track their orders and check on their condition at anytime, anywhere they want. It is highly important since your clients want to make sure that their products are safe in the way and that they will receive the products in good condition at the appointed time.

In most scenarios, the unknown status of the freight is unacceptable. It is also a way to tell your client that the item might be lost along the way. Although some clients might understand it, not all of them can accept the lower visibility and erros.

Freight visibility offers you insights into every part of freight forwarding. You will know the exact node that has the potential disruption. And you can prevent the mishap from happening with the proper measurements. With accurate data, you can also make plans and strategies to expect future demands from your clients.

When your clients are able to access information about their order status, they will trust you more. And they will feel grateful when you successfully deliver the order as promised. In turn, the freight visibility can help your business build a great relationship with your clients. It will help your company stay ahead of the competition.

Getting the visibility that your business needs

Research done by shippers shows that freight visibility is a major concern in the supply chain. When it comes to the factor, it is not only coming from customer demand and expectations, but also from the encouragement of businesses that want to stay competitive.

Therefore, businesses are looking for the best visibility solutions to increase their freight visibility level.

Implementing freight visibility software can provide the visibility that shippers and customers desire.With the right platform, businesses can load shipments and get the immediate data that they can process to provide them with the necessary insights.

With order visibility, clients and businesses will be able to view the whole thing in the supply chain.

With the APIs, the shipper and other vendors can communicate and collaborate to make the shipment successful. The drivers, on the other hand, will have critical information.The dock and warehouse staff will know when the shipment arrives so that they are able to make the best preparations.

Having such great visibility, you will be able to adjust the labor and schedule your dock deliveries with good accuracy.

Achieving better freight visibility

Increasing the visibility of freight will give you tons of benefits. You will be able to access more data to analyze. The visibility software will provide you with the most accurate information about the freight.Therefore, you will be able to find the necessary rooms for improvement. It will also improve your decision-making ability.

Data-driven decisions have been proven to be satisfying.


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