Hasan Piker, known as HasanAbi, recently purchase a home in West Hollywood, and fans are now convince that he has a sizable net worth as a result of the fortune he has amass as a Twitch decoration.

Twitter is flooded with posts and comments about Hasan’s new venture, as many are taken aback to learn he can afford a home in Los Angeles. In the meantime, many are taken aback by the splendor of his new home.

hasan piker
hasan piker


According to Streamerfacts.com, Hasan is expects to have a total net worth of $2 million. Regardless, this accounts for nearly three months prior. Given that the YouTuber has already invested nearly $3 million in his new home. It’s difficult to believe that his overall net worth is significantly higher.

Hasan piker net worth is $3, due to his celebrity as an online media powerhouse. A sizable portion of his revenue comes from memberships, gifts, and advertisements on his Twitch channel.

According to the power source, he earns an estimated $150,000 per month from his Twitch account and $20,000 per month from YouTube. Additionally, the powerhouse generates revenue through a few sponsorships.

Hasan also has a sizable fan base on YouTube, with his channel boasting over 743,000 subscribers.


According to Dirt, Hasan paid $2.74 million for his new home in West Hollywood, California.

His new residence is located in the Beverly Grove neighborhood. The house, which constructs in 2014, measures more than 3,800 square feet. It features five bedrooms and five bathrooms and is describe as a “Mediterranean-style home.”

The house is adequately protects due to its encirclement by border dividers. Additionally, the home features a pool, and his kitchen is divide by glass dividers that open onto the terrace.

Hasan piker net worth has yet to conduct an official house visit. The fans are eager to learn about his new digs. Perhaps they’ll get a glimpse of it soon during one of his streams.

How familiar are you with Hasan Piker’s residence?

In August 2020, hasan piker twitter boasted about his $3 million West Hollywood home.

The 30-year-West old’s Hollywood home allegedly has five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms.

The 3,800-square-foot house complete in 2014 and design in a Mediterranean style.

Since the declaration of HasanAbi’s residence, numerous Twitter users have commented on the purchase’s excess.

What is the background of Hasan Piker?

The substance manufacturer began commenting on political issues on The Young Turks in 2013 and left in mid-2020 to become a Twitch decoration.

Hasan piker height is 6 feet 3 inches.

HasanAbi tries to stream on a regular basis these days and is also quite active on YouTube.

He publishes a diverse range of content on the stage, ranging from gaming to general lifestyle themes or political portrayals.

Piker’s youth in an inexorable tyrant Turkey shapes his desire to confront authority and fight a deplorable state of affairs. He began his career as a columnist for The Young Turks, a dynamic political news and analysis show. He has establish himself as a prominent figure on the American Left by supporting Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns. The collaborating with organizations such as Muslims for Progressive Values, March for Our Lives, and Black Lives Matter.


While Hasan’s fans are eager to learn about the changes in his life, some have chastised him for purchasing a $2.74 million home after declaring himself a communist.

Nonetheless, a couple has defended the decoration, arguing that pundits should not exaggerate his purchase of a house with his own money.

“If he were a multimillionaire, I could almost understand the analysis,” one tweeted. “However, these are the same individuals who are s*****g off Bernie Sanders (despite the fact that he owns two homes) for simply needing a place of his own to live.”

“Seeing everyone canine on hasan piker twitter for owning a home and earning millions. While being a communist fails to convey the true meaning of communism under free enterprise,” another stated.

Piker and his arbitrators are just three of the most recent manufacturers to be barred from using the term “wafer.” Recently, both the freedom fighter decoration Vaush and the New Zealand decoration Fawn were restricted for, they admit, saying wafer.

Twitch’s Terms of Service 

Jerk has not stated whether it considers saltine to be a slur. Twitch’s Terms of Service state that “using disparaging slurs, whether unintentional or coordinated toward another individual. It is grounds for expulsion from the site. “We permit the use of specific words or terms that may contradict our strategy in some way or another in an engaging manner or as pet names when such expectation is clear. Additionally, we make exceptions for slurs in music—and chiming into music—as long as the song itself. It is not contemptuous and the slurs are not combine with other segregating or stigmatizing content.”

Jerk fumbles when it comes to defining precisely what can and cannot be said onstage. “We’ve received inquiries regarding the use of the N-word on Twitch. We also naturally block the term “remembering for visit” across Twitch,” it stated in a Tweet in 2020.


Jerk’s prejudice issue reached a tipping point in September of this year when a number of artists boycotted the stage in protest of the stage’s inaction on disdain assaults. Clients would attack a channel and spam its visit with foul language and racial slurs during a disdain strike. Twitch stated that it has programmed channels against specific slurs, but it is trivial for bigots to swap a few letters and flood the area surrounding a maker’s visit with obviously bigoted messages. Twitch released new tools a month after the blacklist that gave creators greater control over who could post what in their chatroom.

A basic rundown of what can and explicitly on Twitch assist creators who adore Piker in avoiding being restrict. Jerk, on the other hand, appears uninterested in delivering immovable principles, and a lack of clarity suffocates discourse and gives it a great deal of leeway in how it handles individual cases.

On Twitch, a maker cannot be certain where the line is until they cross it. With perplexing setups like that, it’s easy for those who believe wafer is a slur to accept the streaming stage is subtly on their side.


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