Why is the number 402-935-7733 showing on my bank or credit card statement?


Have you ever seen this number, 402-935-7733?

In this age of E-commerce, mostly peoples pay and earn through online payment platforms including PayPal, Stripe, Opayo, Worldpay Group, etc.


Finding this number in your bank statement seems to be alarming and one might consider it a fraud that is natural because there are so many embezzlements online. Hackers and scammers have been stealing people’s money online. To see 402-935-7733 in your bank statement or credit card statement can be stressful but there is actually nothing to worry about.

While checking you bank or credit card statement, if you see this number and worry about an unknown transaction then don’t because it is PayPal customer service number.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is world famous online payment company. It helps users all around the world to send and receive money online. PayPal is providing extraordinary online payment service which helps freelancers and E-commerce. It is very efficient and secure way to transfer and receive money. For more information please visit paypal.com you can also consider signing up to make new account if they provide services in your country.

What is 402-935-7733?

402-935-7733 is simply PayPal customer service number. It is completely legit and not some sort of online fraud. If this number is appearing in your bank statement or credit card statement, it simply means that you have made some purchases which were processed by PayPal.

Even if you don’t have PayPal account, the number can appear on your bank statement because the seller of product or service used PayPal account to receive the payment from you.

Moreover, the number, 402-935-7733 can also appear without hyphens i.e. 4029357733. Sometimes the number also have the PayPal headquarters address next to it and looks like 4029357733 ca. Other times it is possible that the PayPal user’s name is also mentioned with the number, the name can be in short form or code form, may be unrecognizable.

If this number is appearing or has appeared in your bank statement (in any above mentioned form) take a sigh of relief because you have not been embezzled online.

What if you have an account on PayPal and didn’t really made a purchase? The possible explanation is that you have linked the PayPal account to your card. If you shop anything online through PayPal account and it doesn’t have enough balance in it, the PayPal would deduct the charges from your card. This is the reason why the number 402-935-7733 appears on your bank or credit card statement.

PayPal is a legal financial company so the charge that has been deducted from your account is legal. The case is simply that if you made any purchases and the seller is using PayPal to receive money, this number will surely appear in your bank statement. If you have linked your PayPal account to your card, it can also appear in case PayPal uses your card to make purchases. To put it simple, it is legit charge and you don’t need to bother yourself. So, if this number appears on your bank statement or credit card statement next time, don’t panic because it is one of these two scenario mentioned above.

When to worry about 402-935-7733?

There is very rare chance of this charge to be fraud but you must identify the truth carefully before filling a complaint. You must identify if the charge is legal or fraud before making a move. It is not wise to file complaint without finding the illegitimacy of the charge because if the transaction is proved to be legit by the bank, you may face trouble for false claim.

Following are the things you should consider before filing a complaint:

Check your Transactions:

This is important to know about your online transactions. Check if you bought something online or have monthly or yearly subscriptions. Check if the name of the seller appearing in your bank statement familiar or not. Check if you have made any online donation or may be someone has borrowed your credit card i.e. relative or friend.

Only by considering these you can assure if the charges made from your card are legit or not. Even if you are not a PayPal user, it is possible that the online service or product you purchased from the seller is using PayPal to receive money, so check your transactions before assuming you are being fraud. In short, never make a hasty complaint and check your transactions before taking any action.

Check Balance before Purchase:

Whenever you make a purchase, make sure to check your PayPal balance. If the balance in your PayPal account is sufficient then the money won’t be charged through your card and you will not see 402-935-7733 on your bank statement.

Sometimes you may think there is enough money on your PayPal account but that’s not the case, so to avoid tension you must check the balance before purchasing anything online. If the balance is not enough the money will be drawn from the card you have linked with your account.

In case, you are sure that you have enough balance and still the number appears on your bank statement, then you must worry about fraud.

Check with the Seller:

Check if you made any purchases online of the amount mentioned in your bank statement with number 402-935-7733. As mentioned above some merchants or sellers use PayPal to receive payment for their products or services. If money deducted from your card has been received through PayPal, then your charge is completely legit. Since the PayPal is biller in this case, it is natural to see their number on your statement. So, before making any sharp judgment, contact your seller and confirm if he is getting payment through PayPal or not. If your seller denies using the PayPal, then you should worry about it.

PayPal Chargeback:

Chargeback is asking a seller to refund the money because the customer’s needs are not met. The customer can ask for a chargeback if the product is faulty, product is not delivered, double charging or unauthorized charge.

If you hastily file a complaint, the PayPal will notice the seller for chargeback. If the seller debates the chargeback is invalid and will not agree to refund, then he/she will have to prove that the charges are not taken or the product or service has been provided. If the refund has already been done, seller will have to provide valid proofs. Otherwise seller will have to take the chargeback’s responsibility.

If the chargeback occurs outside the PayPal then card issuers will decide on it not PayPal. It is very important for a buyer to file a right complaint otherwise he/she would have to face bitter consequence according to PayPal policy.

Sometime it is buyer who is the wrongdoer and PayPal is very vigilant. PayPal investigates the buyers who are involved in false complaints, dishonest claims and chargebacks. PayPal without any prejudice investigate the case and provide fair judgment for the dispute.

Even though PayPal provides chargebacks and other rights to the buyers but it doesn’t mean that buyer can file anything without proof. The valid proofs should be provided by the buyer to request chargeback from the seller.

The decision of complaint is based solely on evidences. If the seller provides proofs that the buyer is targeting them, then the buyer will not get chargebacks and the account will be blocked.


PayPal asks for valid evidences from both buyer and seller to find out the real culprit. If the buyer provides valid evidence against merchant then the chargeback will be given and necessary actions will be taken against merchant according to PayPal policy.

If the seller proves with strong evidence that buyer is targeting them and there are other instance of buyer to do the same with other sellers, then action will be taken against buyer. The evidence should clearly prove that the other party is dishonest. The action taken against the wrongdoer is confidential and only victim is informed about it.

When is 402-935-7733 a fraud?

Although the number 402-935-7733 is legal and belongs to PayPal customer service but there are some frauds occurred using this number. There are some cases in which 402-935-7733 appears in the bank statement even though the user never made any purchase. In this type of case, it is fraud and illegal.

Following are some frauds done by using 402-935-7733:

402-935-7733 Call:

It is possible that a spoofed caller calls you using 402-935-7733 to get your account information. You should never share you id and password with anyone even if they claim to be PayPal representative. If you receive such call ignore them because PayPal will surely leave an email or a message.

The hackers call case from 402-935-7733 has occurred to many people. You must be more vigilant and contact the representative through official website www.paypal.com but never share your ID information. Although this is a legal number belongs to PayPal but hackers use different softwares and programs to use this number to embezzle people.

Beware of Scammers:

Some scammers and hackers use technology to change their name to 402-935-7733 or PayPal to make their transactions look legit.

The users must be watchful, double check your transaction if you see this number. Keep the record of all the transactions so, you can compare them with your bank statement to insure all the charges are legitimate.

After every transaction users receive a detailed email, if you save the emails, you will have proofs in case of any illegal charge or transaction.

When to file the complaint?

The complaint should be filed after you make sure that the transaction in your bank or credit card statement has not been made by you. It means that you are being scammed. When you are 100% sure that you have not made any transaction and are being scammed, then you should file the complaint right away.

You need to contact your bank and file the complaint. The bank will investigate the case and if it is proven to be illegal transaction, the bank will be responsible for the money and return them to you. This whole process of investigation would take few days. Since the bank will do an investigation, make sure not to make any false complaint otherwise false complaint would cause legal issue for you. Be very careful before filing a complaint because some banks are very tough and sensitive about these types of disputes.

In some banks, if the users is proved to be wrong, his or her credit card will be suspended and he or she has to make a new account. The bank may also give this type of user a hard time when opening a new account. So, it is very important to ensure you are being wronged before filing a complaint. Make sure you didn’t make any purchases, nor donation or subscription, neither had lent your credit card to anyone (family, friend, relative. etc.). In this way, you can stay out of trouble.


In short, we discussed about number 402-935-7733 which legally belongs to PayPal customer service. If this number appears in your bank or credit card statement, it is either your PayPal account uses your card to make purchases because the balance was insufficient or merchant who is selling you has used PayPal to receive payment.

Before filing a complaint against this number, user should check their transaction ensure that he or she didn’t purchase, donate or subscribe to service online. It is important for PayPal user to check his/her balance before buying anything because if the balance is insufficient the PayPal will use your card. You should not file a complaint without valid evidence

Lastly, the number 402-935-7733 can also be used by scammer to steal your money, so be vigilant and don’t provide your ID information to any stranger. If you are certain that you have not made any purchase then you must file complaint and the bank will return your money. If you are proved to be wrong, your card will be deactivated permanently.


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