Difficulties in conducting financial business in the conditions of the COVID pandemic. New solutions in the market


A large number of entrepreneurs who have the necessary funds are considering starting a business in the banking sector. To do this, potential owners of financial businesses are thinking about acquiring a bank and getting a license that would provide them with official permission to carry out this type of activity. As a rule, there are no problems with the purchase of the institution itself; however, getting a license, entrepreneurs often face certain difficulties.

A banking license allows you to legally conduct banking transactions and present them as your own service. At the same time, it does not matter whether you want to issue loans to consumers or accept deposits, or you plan to provide services only to VIP clients.

Today, getting a financial license in a reliable and secure jurisdiction is a rather complicated and dreary process, and besides, what is important, it is expensive. Banking institutions are subject to strict control, which often becomes the reason for blocking the activities of newcomers. In addition, if wealthy entrepreneurs are ready for certain financial costs, then time is a much more valuable resource for them. Therefore, they are not ready to wait for months to receive a license. Moreover, this is no exaggeration – the process of obtaining the appropriate license can last as long as several months or a couple of years.

It is much more profitable to purchase a ready-made bank or financial institution of another type, since you get not only the business itself, but also a license to it. However, in such a situation, it is unreasonable to rely only on your own strengths. In order not to be mistaken with jurisdiction and to fulfill all the requirements for getting a license correctly, you must contact experienced lawyers.

My personal experience is based on cooperation with the international law firm Eternity Law, which successfully promotes its services in this market niche and has offices in many respected cities, in particular, London, New York, Zurich and many others. More than 100 experienced lawyers who collaborate all over the world, offer quality services for the sale of ready-made companies. In addition, the firm offers comprehensive support to companies wishing to obtain a license to carry out banking operations within Australia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Great Britain and other jurisdictions.

The choice of a reliable jurisdiction is one of the most important aspects, since the reliability of the business and its profitability in the future depend on the jurisdiction. In this case, we have chosen Switzerland. For many years, the Swiss jurisdiction has been considered one of the most prestigious and respected countries. What is more important, Swiss companies are multifunctional structures that balance all the necessary options, smart banking software and many additional bonuses, in particular, working with cryptocurrency, issuing cards, operations with other valuable metals, etc. However, getting such a license is so difficult that most entrepreneurs just give up and opt for a simpler option.

However, real professionals, even during quarantine restrictions, are not afraid of difficulties and do not refuse to work with complex and nuanced operations. Therefore, Eternity Law specialists offered to buy a ready-to-operate multifunctional firm that already has a license from the Swiss jurisdiction, which gives the right to manage assets of dual supervision. In addition to other activities, a company holding this license may be engaged in the following:

  • transfer electronic money between users in unlimited mode;
  • issue prepaid Mastercard debit cards on an unlimited basis;
  • work with EU IBAN bank accounts, accept and send transfers to and from the EU and other international banks;
  • carry out instant currency exchange (Forex signals services).
  • trade cryptocurrency as an unlimited platform, and more.

The Swiss company was granted a perpetual banking software license. The advantage of this is that there is no monthly software fee. The transfer of the company is very fast, because the change of ownership does not require permission from the representatives of the regulatory authorities.

Eternity Law lawyers will assist the entrepreneur in establishing contact with the seller and in concluding the transaction, which, in turn, simplifies the process of acquiring a ready-made Swiss financial company. Re-registration of a company can take as little as a day.

Great Britain is considered another respectable and reliable jurisdiction. Despite such an event as Brexit, this jurisdiction is developing rapidly in the field of sales and acquisitions of firms with EMI licenses, which can work with European companies and have many other advantages. Waiting for a license from scratch takes about a year, however, a ready-made license can be re-registered within two months.

The law firm recently posted an offer for the sale of AEMI in the UK, licensed in all EEA countries. This company issues VISA cards and is one of the MasterCard members. In addition, the company has developed and released its own software with full automation of compliance determination (KYC, KYB, and AML), through which payments are processed. The company can carry out operations internationally as this brand is registered all over the world. This is a completely ready-to-use company. Eternity Law specialists are ready to provide the future buyer with comprehensive support and the necessary assistance during the transfer of the institution.

This law firm provides legitimate support to international business firms. The company’s specialists have a huge store of knowledge, having already used it, helping to get more than 30 UK payment organizations to partners around the world. The company has a huge database of payment institutions, banks and companies offered for sale. There is a high demand for enterprises registered in the Swiss jurisdiction, therefore, Eternity Law specialists select the most optimal option for each client, taking into account the wishes, requirements and conditions of doing business in the future.

Eternity also has banks and companies for sale within European countries and offshore jurisdictions, in particular, polish banks, banks in Germany and many other countries, companies licensed MSO in Hong Kong, companies licensed SVG in Singapore and others. Each buyer will be able to choose something for himself/herself, while being guided by the help and support of experienced professionals. I am very grateful to the professional team that helped me get a ready-made business in the shortest possible time and without any effort on my part.



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